Bell Estates Covenant

1.Land types & pricing

Full Prims Sim (Normal Region)

Prims count: 20000
Agent limit: 100
Purchase price: L$1
Tier: L$\19,000/wk. or L$76,000/28 days or L$82,500/m.


Prims count: 5000
Agent limit: 20
Purchase price: L$1
Tier: L$7,999/wk. or L$31,996/28days or L$34,000/m.


Prims count: depends on the size of the parcel
Agent limit: 40 for residential land & 60 for commercial or mixd land
Purchase price: L$1
Tier: depends on the size of the parcel

2.Purchasing land

In general the land price is L$1, however buying the land does not give the ability to the buyer to use the land until he pay the tier, after that the purchaser can start directly using the land.


Any land from Bell Estates comes without any restriction, as far as the renter pays tier on time and respect Secondlife T.O.S.

4.Abandoning land

When the renter donít need the land anymore he/she can abandon the land, and informing any support member about this action, abandoning the land alone is not enough and may cause extra charge to be bayed by the renter.

5.Skill Gaming

At every SG sim the renter is responsible for everyone keeping the TOS at the sim, especially only max 6 licensed operators setup games at the sim (see Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_Policy)